helping millennials build long lasting wealth withInfinite Banking.


get covered

Protect you, your family and your business against financial loss with a specially designed, permanent insurance policy.


access your money

Borrow against your cash values as opportunities and needs dictate when you have this policy in place without losing the compound growth effect.


save on costs

Save money by redirecting interest payments to an asset you own and control and by recovering opportunity costs when spending money.


and more

Enjoy the tax-advantaged growth of your money. Growth that is safe, uninterrupted, and locked-in. And repeat.

here's what we do.


We think differently about money and economics. We don't live in the same economic environment our parents grew up in so why are we still planning like it?


We teach about how money always ends up in the banking system and how you can control the system as it relates to your own financing needs.


We help you create your own personalized banking system so you can build wealth for safely, successfully, and consistently for generations to come without RISK.

our services.

infinite banking for life

We help people understand there's often a combination of risks, taxes, interest payments and/or opportunity costs associated with many financial products and investment strategies out there that limit financial potential. We know how hard it can be when there's financial risk involved and have helped Canadians use Infinite Banking to transfer the risk of these financial unknowns. When you transfer your risk, your money can start working for you to build a wealth designed to last for generations!

infinite banking for kids

Give the gift that keeps on giving! Where some financial products are single purpose planning tools, Infinite Banking is a multipurpose planning tool that can be used for financing vehicles, education, business start-up costs, weddings, vacations, and more. Designed to stand the test of time, when all is said and done it can still be passed along to the next generation on a tax-free basis.

infinite banking for business

Permanent life insurance is seen as a passive investment inside the corporation that can help protect your business, your retirement, and your estate. When you work with us we'll take you through the 4 conversations every business owner needs to have. Let us show you the advantages our corporate insurance strategies have to offer you as a business owner!

insurance strategies to meet your every day financing needs.

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