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These Are Interesting Times Indeed

NOTE: You have two choices. I have written this article to address some of the more frantic questions I have received in the last 6 weeks on matters of finance, the economy and the market and what to consider next. Choice 1 – Reading and understanding the entire article will take you about 30-45 minutes.…

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Why Government Fights the Entrepreneur

Politics is boiled down to a bunch of people who want to make decisions about your life. Politicians leaning on the right typically want to determine what your personal life looks like. Politicians on the left typically want to determine what your financial life looks like. Governments who are left such as any NDP party…

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Empower, Educate, And Act

So, we’re listening to the radio the other day and the commercials come on – yeah, I know that’s old school radio for all you satellite radio listeners, but I’m just feeling lucky enough to at least have a car with a CD player in it. The point is we were shocked to hear an advertisement…

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