Why I Left My Career To Pursue IBC Instead


It has been over a year since I decided to step away from the career I had and to pursue other things in life.

Some people have been wondering why I would do that if I’m just going to start another career, well I’ll try to describe why in this note.

Even though I was blessed with a very good job for many years, I felt that I wanted to try something else in life. I came across a quote that meant a lot to me and aligned very well with my values. Here’s the quote:


“Do more than belong: participate. Do more than care: help. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than be fair: be kind. Do more than forgive: forget. Do more than dream: work.” – William Arthur Ward.


I have also learned that it’s good if I push myself outside of the comfort zone and this career change will do that.

In 2013, I got interested in the Infinite Banking Concepts (IBC) through a show that McGuire Financial had on 630 CHED, and that interest eventually opened the door to an opportunity to pursue teaching others what I’ve learned.


So why did I get interested in IBC at first?


I found it intriguing that they claimed that you could recover all the interest you paid to banks or other financial lenders when you borrowed money to buy something like an automobile. I was at a place in my life where I didn’t need to borrow money to buy things I needed, but I was very interested in how that could be possible, so I asked my wife Barb (I was busy at work), to attend a boot camp put on by McGuire and see what this is all about. Well, in my opinion, that was one of the best things we’ve ever done because of what I’ve learned since!

Granted, at first, I was looking at this to help with financing our future as we got closer to the age where people look for ways to reduce the hours they spend at work and still live comfortably. I had realized that taxes were going to consume a lot of the dollars we had saved in my pension and other registered accounts and that costs don’t stop as long as you continue to live.

The place I was in at that time, reminds me of an email I received recently from someone who was starting to investigate IBC and had reached out for my thoughts on it. Here’s some of what the email stated;


“Basically I’m just wanting to know if this system is all it’s cracked up to be. How long you’ve been involved in it, and what your thoughts are about the whole concept. I’m fed up of years of the RRSP scam on top of the mutual fund bull, and this system is the first I’ve come across that really interests me. When I retire, the tax I’m going to have to pay on the RRSPs is going to make me sick…..” (used with permission)


We were fortunate to have started working with McGuire Financial and specifically Jayson Lowe, who is the VP Insurance Development & Managing Partner at McGuire and a certified Infinite Banking Advisor. Through this relationship, some brief time learning directly from Nelson Nash who wrote the book “Becoming Your Own Banker”, studying IBC through the Infinite Banking Institute, attending boot camps, reading books on the subject and attending one think tank put on by the Infinite Banking Institute my understanding of the possibilities that exist with this concept has grown to an entirely different place than where I started. Let me say that being able to learn directly from Nelson Nash has been a real highlight for me and to have Jayson Lowe as our coach/mentor has been another.

I truly believe that we are here to serve others and this career supports that belief. I have quickly learned that it is not easy but then what worthwhile things in life are?



Risk Management Advisor at McGuire Financial Group


McGuire Financial Group
8824-51 Ave, Edmonton AB T6E 5E8


In 2013, I got interested in The Infinite Banking Concept® after hearing a radio show with McGuire Financial called “Talk to the Experts” on 630 CHED in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

After retiring in 2016 from my previous career in Oil and Gas, I started to train through the Nelson Nash Institute in Birmingham Alabama to obtain my Infinite Banking Concepts Authorized Practitioner certification. I have completed the course, and I am now working on finishing my mentorship under my coach Jayson Lowe with McGuire Financial Group.

Presently licensed in the province of Alberta as a Full Life and Accident & Sickness Insurance Agent; my Saskatchewan Licence is pending.


Previous Experience:

Operations/Manager with over 30 years’ experience with a Multi-National Oil and Gas company based in Canada, from the hands-on grassroots level to managing up to teams of 280. Extensive knowledge and passion for safety, investigation, and root-cause failure analysis as well as leadership and management. Worked with budgets from $15 million to $135 million across Western Canada in Operations and Maintenance, supporting and supervising various other disciplines: Engineering, Production Accounting, Accounts Payable, Supply Chain, Land, Health & Safety.




The Wise Banker is devoted to bringing awareness and understanding to Infinite Banking and helping you unlock your financial potential.

© 2020 The Wise Banker. All rights reserved.



The Wise Banker is devoted to bringing awareness and understanding to Infinite Banking and helping you unlock your financial potential.

© 2020 The Wise Banker. All rights reserved.