why learn about infinite banking?

Infinite Banking is an idea for forward thinkers that says, "I want to be a true financial steward, to build a wealth that is designed to last for generations."

When we look at our current economy as one that's being run by a culture of debt, with Canadian's now spending $1.81 for every dollar earned in 2019 (according to the OECD); it seems obvious that people are inadequately preparing for their financial success. There appears to be a disconnect between where people want to go and the steps they are taking to get there.

Infinite Banking helps Canadians close the gap between dreams and reality with practical applications for saving, spending, and investing without the risk so many are facing in today's uncertain economic environment. Throughout this class you will learn to put yourselves in the shoes of bankers, and how you can make money the way they do without having to build a bank like the ones we know about. 


Redesign the flow of money so you can control the banking function as it relates to your personal financing needs.


Redirect interest that you are otherwise paying to banks or other financial institutions to an asset you own and control.


Recover the opportunity costs when spending money and keep more of your hard earned money inside the family unit.

there's more to life than money

But we finance everything we buy, either with an interest cost or an opportunity cost. Understanding how to actually pay for stuff is important since it impacts our ability to build and perpetuate wealth.

We're here to say that you can redirect interest you are otherwise paying to a bank or other lending institution to an asset that is in your control using a specially designed, dividend-paying whole life insurance policy. This policy systematically allows you to finance purchases throughout your lifetime without the big banks and build wealth for generations.

The majority of people who buy life insurance usually do so to provide income replacement and/or debt protection for their families. Now, we want to show you the difference it could possibly make in your life if you were to also use life insurance as part of powerful strategy to redirect interest back into your own personalized banking system and recover the opportunity costs when spending money.

a note from our founder

Infinite Banking is a matter of changing over who we are paying interest to, the bank or ourselves. Once this though process has begun there will be more stress free time for who and what you value most.

My hope is that throughout this educational process, you will come to know the same peace, clarity, and stability I have experienced in my personal financial plan and life with Infinite Banking that isn't found elsewhere.

Your advisor,

Ashley Lalonde

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