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Whole Life Insurance 101

Understanding the basics of Whole Life Insurance is relatively simple. As the original permanent life insurance, Whole Life insurance is designed to be maintained until death, or 100 years, whichever comes first.  For example, if you are the person getting a Whole Life Insurance policy on yourself, it means that as long as you pay…

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3 Reasons To Implement Infinite Banking Today

Thanks for reading 3 Reasons to Implement Infinite Banking Today! Those of you who know me, know I’ve been in the insurance industry for many of the past 9 years. I have fought long and hard to bring awareness and understanding to the Infinite Banking strategy and help my clients unlock their financial potential by…

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A True History Of Life Insurance

Life insurance has been around a very long time and has not only an amazing history, but also an amazing track record.  No Canadian has ever lost a dollar due to a failed insurance company.   A question we like to ask our clients is simply this.  “If what you believe to be true turned…

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