3 Things In Life That Should Not Be Delegated

Truth. Its something that, as human beings, we all hunger for and yet rarely see. The person who loves the simplicity of jeans and a t-shirt, comes to the office every day in a suit and tie. It’s not a lie exactly, but it’s also not representing who they are as a person. We are surrounded by enhancements of the original so often that the truth, when available is like a breath of fresh air.


When we look at our current economy as one that’s being run by a culture of debt, with Canadian’s now spending $1.68 for every dollar they earn in 2016; it seems obvious that we are inadequately preparing for financial success. There appears to be a disconnect between where we want to go and the steps we are taking to get there.


Somewhere along the way we took a 180° turn from having our hands in too many areas of responsibility at once, to empowering people to take on most, if not all, of those responsibilities for us.


We believe there are three things in life simply too important to delegate to somebody else:


1. Planning – the intentional direction you want your life and business to go,

2. People – the people you choose to bring with you on your journey and;

3. Finance – the financial means for getting there


Our trajectory is determined by how we handle each circumstance.


Every action has an equal reaction in the economy, and whether personal, or professional, every person has their own unique part to play.